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Blue Arc Electrical can provide and install the appropriate charging point for your vehicle in both Commercial and Domestic Premises.

Provide and install the appropriate charging point

In 2020 the UK government proposed a deadline for ending the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2035.

Every year electric vehicle technology becomes further advanced and with the government’s proposal and the resultant rising popularity of electric vehicles, many businesses and homeowners are now in urgent need of an EV Charging Point.

Here at Blue Arc Electrical, our team of highly skilled electricians are ready to provide EV charging point installation services to both domestic and commercial customers.

All the work we complete is carried out in accordance with British Standard Wiring Regulations, and we are an ICS approved installer, as well as a Which? Trusted Trader

The Benefits of an EV Charging Point?


If you are looking to join the electric vehicle movement, an EV charging point installation is essential. In fact, the RAC recommends that charging your electric vehicle is only done via the domestic three-pin socket in emergency use, as charging points are much safer.


Electric vehicle charging points also allow for much faster charging; domestic sockets can only charge at 3kW, whereas EV charging points are available in a wide range of different current draw strengths, also, if you install a smart home charger, you can take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs, charging your vehicle when electrical supply is high, but demand is low, saving money.

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    The ability to recharge your electrical vehicle at home or at your commercial premises provides peace of mind negating the need to be constantly checking your fuel levels and making numerous trips to the petrol station where you may have to queue for a charging point, instead you have the convenience of charging your car at a time that best suits you.

    Revenue Cost

    The reduction in fuel cost for an electric vehicle is substantial in comparison with traditionally fueled vehicles, with the installation of an EV charging point the average cost in the UK is around 28p per Kwh. This means that a 60kWh electric vehicle would cost around £15 to charge (depending on location).


    Electric vehicles are better for the environment as research has shown that they emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars and with the rising cost of petrol and diesel concerns re affordability of fuel become a thing of the past.

    Can I Install My Own EV Charging Point?

    In addition to the complex electrical work surrounding the installation itself, there are also various background tasks to complete including but not limited to safety checks and obtaining permission from the local grid. For these reasons, it is essential that you choose the right team for your installation service and do not install the charging point yourself; always hire an experienced and certified installer.

    Why Blue Arc Electrical?

    Our team of electricians are highly experienced with both domestic and commercial electrical installations within the Northwest and surrounding area, Blue Arc Electrical has a fantastic 100% customer satisfaction rate; we're committed to providing a friendly, dependable and efficient service that is stress-free and easy to call on.

    Our team provides a tailored service to suit each individual project, ensuring that you receive an affordable and cost-effective service every time. As such, we are happy to provide all customers with a free quotation; simply give our team a call with a brief outline of your needs and we will be happy to help.

    If you would like to request a quote or if you have any further questions regarding our installation services for electric vehicles, please do not hesitate to fill out our enquiry form and contact us, or give our team a call on 07921 827267.